Brazil Nuts H3
December 26 2020
Saturday · 14:00

#188 · Hunting for extraterrestrials I

Can you believe it?! We’re having a weekend away! For Christmas! In the lovely coastal town of Itanhaem, known for the flying monk and other supernatural occurrences.

Come run with the Brazil Nuts Hash House Harriers. Get a workout, some beers, and see the sights. Now for a whole weekend!

Date: Saturday, December 26 + Sunday, December 27
Start: 2pm on Saturday
Hares: MaBouche + a mystery hasher
Place: Bar Delas; Rua dos Jaras 34 (frente campo de futebol do Rio Preto), Jardim Palmeiras II, Itanhaem/SP
Cost: R$50+

If you get in via Google maps, Apple maps or Uber, arrive at the football pitch and not where they think rua dos Jaras 34 is.

You’ll pay when you arrive. Breakdown of costs:

BRL 25: Saturday run
BRL 25: Sunday run
BRL 100: One night’s arranged Bed and Breakfast + one coozie
BRL 140: Two nights’ arranged Bed and Breakfast + one coozie
BRL 25: Dinner on Saturday

Your travel to Itanhaem, your own accommodation, Sunday lunch, and all consumptions (besides circle beer) will be pay-as-you-go.

So, if you just come for the runs, it will be BRL 50. If you come for the two runs, stay two nights, and join for dinner, it will be BRL 215.
Additional food and drinks are your responsibility.

If you want an arranged B&B (crash with the hash), let MaBouche (+55 11 9797 54806) or LTS (+55 11 99216 5257) know in time. There is limited availability.
Or arrange your own accommodation.

Bring cash. Bring mosquito repellent.

If you travel by car, assume you will need at least 3 hours to get to Itanhaem from Sao Paulo.
If you travel by public transport, Breda bus leaves for Itanhaem from Jabaquara bus terminal. From the Itanhaem bus terminal, take an Uber. Plan 3 hours from Jabaquara.

R. dos Jaras, 34

R. dos Jaras, 34 - Jamaica - Interior, Itanhaém - SP, 11740-000, Brazil